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University of Miami Hospital

John Ragheb

John Ragheb, M.D.

General Information

John  Ragheb, M.D.


  • Office: 305-662-8386


  • Pediatric Neurological Surgery
  • Neurological Surgery



Clinical Areas

Hydrocephalus, spina bifida, brain tumor, cranial facial anomalies, spasticity, epilepsy.


  • American Board of Neurological Surgery


  • Chief, Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery
  • Private Practice Physician
  • Professor of Clinical Neurosurgery

Research Interests

Books and Monographs
Book Chapters
Head Injury Pediatric Neurosurgery On Call
Pediatric Brain Injury. J. Ragheb, S. Bhatia, and R. Trombly in Brain Trauma and Critical Care. Thieme 2008.
Accidental Head Injuries. J. Ragheb, in Principles and Practice of Pediatric Neurosurgery (2nd ed.), Thieme 2007
Intramedullary Spinal Cord Tumors. J Ragheb, S Bhatia, A Jea, in Surgery of the Pediatric Spine. Thieme, 2006.
Book Reviews
Ragheb J. Book review of Pediatric CNS Tumors, by N Gupta, A Banerjee, and D Haas-Kogan, Pediatric Oncology, May, 2006, review published in the American Journal of Neuroradiology 27: July-Aug 2006.
Ragheb J. Book review of Pediatric Neurovascular Disease: Surgical, Endovascular, and Medical Management, by M Alexander and R Spetzler, New York: Thieme: 2006, review published in the American Journal of Neuroradiology 28: Feb. 2007.

Juried or refereed journal articles and exhibitions
Optical Spectroscopy for in vivo differentiation of pediatric neoplastic and epileptogenic brain lesions
 Wei-Chiang Lin, Sandberg D, Bhatia S, Johnson M, Morrison G, Ragheb  J. J Biomed Opt2009 Jan-Feb;14(1): 014028
Role for optical spectroscopy in pediatric epilepsy surgery
Sanjiv Bhatia, John Ragheb, Mahlon Johnson, Sanghoon Oh, David Sandberg, Wei-Chiang L Neurosurgery FocusSeptember2008 Sep; 25(3): E24
Ventriculoatrial shunt catheter displacement in a child with partial anomalous pulmonary venous return. Elhammady, Samy A.; Benglis, David; Bhatia, S; Sandberg, D; Ragheb, J. Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics. Volume 2, July 2008.
Fluorescence and diffuse reflectance spectroscopy for intraoperative guidance in pediatric epilepsy surgery. Bhatia, S; Lin, WC; Oh, S; Sandberg, D; Ragheb, J; Morrison G. Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics. 1(4):351. April of 2008.
Different Features of Histopathological Subtypes of Pediatric Focal Cortical    Dysplsia. Krsek, P; Maron, B; Korman, B; Pacheco-Jacome, E; Jayakar,             P; Dunoyer, C; Rey, G; Morrison, G; Ragheb, J; Vinters, H; Resnick, T; Duchowny, M. Ann Neurol. 63(6):758-69, June 2008
Epilepsy surgery in patients with normal or nonfocal MRI scans: Integrative strategies offer long-term seizure relief. Jayakar, P; Dunoyer, C; Dean, P; Ragheb, J; Resnick, T; Morrison, G; Bhatia, S; Duchowny, M. Epilepsia Feb 7, 2008.
Surgery for medically intractable temporal lobe epilepsy during life. Maton, B; Jayakar, P; Resnick, T; Morrison, G; Ragheb, J; Duchowny, M. Epilepsia 49 (1): 80-7, January 2008.
Anomalous venous drainage preventing safe posterior fossa decompression in patients with Chiari malformation Type I and multisutural craniosynostosis. Sandberg, DI: Navarro, R; Blanch, J; Ragheb, J. Journal of Neurosurgery (4 suppl Pediatrics) 106:490-494, June 2007.
Differentiation between pediatric spinal arachnoid and epidermoid–dermoid cysts: is diffusion-weighted MRI useful? Kukreja, K.; Manzano, G.; Ragheb, J; Medina LS. Journal of Pediatric Radiology Vol. 37, Number 6, June 2007.
Endoscopic fenestration of middle fossa arachnoid cysts: A technical description and case series. Elhammady, SA; Bhatia, S; Ragheb, J. Journal of Pediatric Neurosurgery: Cranial. 43:209-215, 2007, April.
Engorged epidural venous plexus and cervical myelopathy due to cerebrospinal fluid overdrainage: a rare complication of ventricular shunts. Case reports.  Wolfe, SQ; Bhatia, S.; Green, B.; Ragheb, J.; Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics. 2007 Mar; 106 (3 suppl): 227 – 31.
High-flow orbital arteriovenous malformations in a child: Current management and options. Trombly, R.; Sandberg, D.I.; Wolfe, S.A.; Ragheb, J.; Journal of Craniofacial Surgery. 17 (4): 779-82, 2006 July.
Spontaneous involution of a large pineal region hemorrhagic cyst in an infant. Nimmagadda, A.; Sandberg, D.; Ragheb, J. Journal of Neurosurgery. 2006 April; 104:275-278.
AVM of childhood: A developmental perspective. SQ Wolfe, S Bhatia, G Olavarria, N Altman, G Morrison, J Ragheb. Journal of Neurosurgery. August 2005, Volume 57, Issue 2.
Surgery for epilepsy due to cortical malformations: ten-year follow-up. Hamiwka L; Jayakar P; Resnick T; Morrison G: Ragheb J; Dean P; Dunoyer C; Duchowny M; Epilepsia. 2005 April 1; 46(4): 556 -560.
Phase II clinical trial of moderate hypothermia after severe traumatic brain injury in children. Adelson PD; Ragheb J; Kaneve P; Brockmeyer D; Beers SR; Brown SD; Cassidy LD; Chang Y; Levin H. Neurosurgery. 2005 April 1; 56 (4): 740 – 754.
Long-term control after resection and gamma knife surgery of an intracranial clear cell meningioma: case report. Ahn, E; Chin LS; Gyure KA; Hudes RS; Ragheb J; DiPatri AJ.  Journal of Neurosurgery. 2005 April 1; 102 (3 suppl): 303 -306.
Surgical outcomes and seizures control rates after resection of dysembryoplastic neuroepithelial tumors.  Sandberg D; Ragheb J; Dunoyer C; Bhatia S; Olavarria G; Morrison G. Neurosurgical Focus. 2005 June 15; 18 (6A): E5.
Seizure disorders: functional MR imaging for diagnostics evaluation and surgical treatment – prospective study.  Medina, LS: Bernal B: Dunoyer C; Cervantes L: Rodriguez M; Pacheco E: Jayakar P: Morrison G: Ragheb J: Altman NR. Radiology. 2005 July 1; 236(1): 247 – 253.
Desmoplastic fibroma of the pediatric skull. Reports of three cases.  Wolfe SQ; Cervantes L; Olavarria G: Braithwaite C: Ragheb J: Morrison G: Journal of Neurosurgery; 2005 October 1: 103 (4 suppl): 362-5.



2008-2010 Chairman, Department of Surgery
2008-2010 Chairman, Operative Invasive Committee
2008-2010 Vice Chair, Operating Room Committee
2008-2010 Member, Liaison Committee on Medical Education
2008 Judge
2007 Judge
2007 Armual Meeting Chairman
2007 Hall of Excellence
2007 Member and Counsel
2007 Member and Representative for Section on Neurological Surgery
2006-present Member of Executive Committee
2006-2008 Chair, Operating Room Committee
2006-2007 Vice Chairman, Trauma Quality Management Committee
2005-present Member
2005-present Member, Brain Institute Executive Committee
2005-2007 Representative for section on neurosurgery
2005-2006, Chair, Neuropathology Search Committee
2005 Member, Search Committee for Director of Urology
2005 Vice President, Armual Meeting Chairman
2004-2007 Medical School Faculty Council Member
2004-2005 Vice President
2002-2006 Member, Operating Room Committee
2002 Specialty Fellow
2002 Member, Medical School Curriculum Committee
2000 Fellow
1999-2007 Member, Physician Peer Review Committee
1999 Member, Trauma Quality Management Committee
1998 American Board of Pediatric Neurological Surgeons
1996 American Board of Neurological Surgeons
1992 Fellow in Pediatric Neurosurgery
1986 Diplomat National Board of Medical Examiners


1992 Fellowship in Pediatric Neurosurgery
New York University Medical Center / Bellvue Hospital
1991 Neurosurgery Residency
University of Maryland Hospital
1985 M.D.
University of Michigan School of Medicine
1981 B.A.
Johns Hopkins University
1981 M.A.
Johns Hopkins University


Dr. John Ragheb was promoted to Professor of Clinical Neurosurgery and Pediatrics in June of 2008. He has served as Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital from July 1996 to present, and Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Miami Children's Hospital from November 2003 to present.

A well-published author, Dr. Ragheb has written extensively on the subjects of Intramedullary Tumors of the Spinal Cord, Pediatric Brain Injury, and pediatric epilepsy surgery. His areas of clinical interest include these and hydrocephalus, spina bifida, brain tumor, cranial facial anomalies, spasticity, epilepsy.

An extraordinary humanitarian, in 2003, Dr. Ragheb created a program to treat hydrocephalus in children in Haiti under the sponsorship of Project Medishare. An all-volunteer surgical team travels to Haiti twice per year to perform surgeries for children with hydrocephalus, approximately twenty surgeries being performed on each trip. The program's goal has evolved to develop a neurosurgery training program with Haiti's Minister of Health and the Dean of the National School of Medicine in Port-Au-Prince. The efforts have recruited pediatric neurosurgeons as well as other specialists from several U.S. programs.