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Donna S. Lundy

Donna S. Lundy, Ph.D.

General Information

Donna S. Lundy, Ph.D.





  • Speech-Language Pathology



Clinical Areas


Vocal Health and disorders

Throat Disroders

oral, head and neck cancers

swallowing disorders



  • Director, Speech Language Pathology
  • Head and Neck Cancer Surgeon
  • Professor of Clinical Otolaryngology

Research Interests


Dr. Lundy is interested in studying the speech, swallowing, and voice rehabilitation factors in patients undergoing head and neck cancer treatment. She is currently collaborating on a project to study the impact of early, prophylactic swallowing exercises in patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy to determine if earlier intervention can improve the outcome. Dr. Lundy is also investigating prostheses for patients undergoing total laryngectomy to determine factors that may prolong the wear of the devices and improve quality of life. 
Dr. Lundy has served as a local P.I. in a number of multi-institutional grants studying dysphagia (swallowing problems) related to treatment for head and neck cancer. These projects have culminated in multiple presentations at national meetings and peer-reviewed publications and have prompted further research. 
Dr. Lundy is also actively involved in volunteer work with the American Cancer Society (ACS) on a leadership level serving both on the Miami-Dade and the Florida Division Boards. She currently serves as Chair of the Advocacy Operating Committee on the Division Level and pushes for improved legislation for all cancer patients both on the state and federal levels.



Clinical Fellowship
Easter Seals Society of Miami
B.A. with Honors
University of Florida
University of Miami
University of Miami
2nd Clinical Research Conference