UMH – University-based Care

Powered by research from the Miller School of Medicine, UHealth is the only health system in the region that provides university-based care. Our 1,200 physicians represent more than 100 medical specialties and sub-specialties and work with top doctors from around the world in laboratories and bypatients’ bedsides to develop new treatments through clinical trials. At University of Miami Hospital, physician-scientists lead a number of clinical trials in specialties ranging from cardiology to otolaryngology, including:

  • Treatments after heart attack using a patient’s own adult stem cells – injected into the heart – to repair damaged cardiac tissue
  • Spine experts investigate how therapeutic hypothermia, which dramatically lowers the body’stemperature, can reduce spinal cord swelling and possibly prevent paralysis
  • Cardiologists replace diseased aortic heart valves without open-heart surgery using a minimally-invasive procedure called percutaneous aortic valve replacement


From emergency services and intensive care, to life-saving surgeries and minimally-invasive procedures, University of Miami Hospital delivers advanced care by the region's top physicians. With 560 private rooms, UMH provides patients with personalized treatment in a high-quality environment.