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For Physicians & Offices

For Physician Offices

UPAC is here to support you, your patients, and your surgical support staff. Below you will find links to open .pdf forms of all the documents you and your teams may need to facilitate preoperative evaluations. Physician’s office coordinators are responsible for submitting all the required information to schedule patients’ surgeries as well as scheduling their preoperative evaluation appointments.

DOCUMENTS – Click on the forms below to open .pdf versions of the files.

OR Booking Forms

Pre-Admission Testing Order Forms (includes OR Booking Form to facilitate auto-fill)

Brochures for patients

Reference Documents

Please remember that physician’s surgical coordinators are responsible for submitting all documentation required prior to the patient’s visit.

For any questions feel free to contact us at the numbers below:

• University of Miami Hospital and Clinics Scheduling Office: 305-689-5486
• Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center Scheduling Office: 305-243-5302
• UHealth Preoperative Assessment Center (UPAC): 305-243-219