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Most patients having surgery are very concerned about their anesthesia experience, perhaps more so than their surgery. At University of Miami Hospital, anesthesiologists are fellowship trained and provide cutting edge techniques that enable them to perform complex procedures with great outcomes.

For example, the Hospital’s anesthesiologists work in concert with neurosurgeons to provide unique solutions that benefit our patients, such as using new anesthesia techniques which allow patients to be awake during surgery – a technique developed at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine’s Department of Anesthesiology. The patient feels no pain, is totally comfortable, and can interact with the doctor during the procedure. In the case of brain tumor surgery, this interaction is an important and reliable way to ensure that healthy tissue is not damaged during surgery.

University of Miami Hospital anesthesiologists also work with spine surgeons to develop techniques that allow for monitoring all peripheral nerves during spine surgery, allowing patients to wake up better and with fewer complications.

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