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Hyperbaric Treatment

The hyperbaric oxygen treatment consists of three phases:

  • Compression
  • Treatment
  • Decompression


During the compression phase you will feel a fullness in your ears, similar to the feeling noted while flying or scuba diving. Before the treatment you will be taught how to clear your ears, and the operator will help you in relieving fullness during treatment.


The chamber feels warmer during this period of time due to the pressurization, but will cool off as treatment continues. One of the first things that you will notice is the sound of oxygen entering the chamber. At first it sounds loud, but you will become accustomed to it as the treatment progresses.

When you reach the treatment pressure prescribed by the physician, the fullness in your ears will decrease, and you will feel normal. During this time, you may rest, sleep, watch television, watch recorded movies or listen to music.


The decompression phase begins at the end of the treatment. As the pressure is decreased in the chamber, you may notice a “pop” or “cracking” sound as your ears readjust to the normal pressure.

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