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The Da Vinci Robot

Da Vinci RobotUniversity of Miami Hospital is home to the da Vinci Surgical System in HD, a state-of-the-art robotic system with key features benefiting both patients and physicians. It is the second HD robotic device in Miami-Dade County and the only one at an academic medical center.

This newest generation of the da Vinci robot offers several key features that clearly benefit both patient and physician. Instead of the traditional 3-arm device, one being the camera, the da Vinci S contains an additional “4th arm”. This gives the surgeon the ability to have another set of hands during any procedure.

In addition, the camera provides the surgeon with a 3-dimensional view that is also high-definition(HD). The resolution of high-definition is significantly better, and for each specialty, a critical portion of the procedure is enhanced.

The surgeon sits at a console maneuvering two pincher-like devices, while peering through a viewfinder. The viewfinder provides the image from the robotic camera, along with the two-pronged robotic arms that serve as the doctor’s hands inside the patient. That same image is also displayed on a separate screen. There is also a special wrist device that offers more rotation than is possible with the human hand.

Together with the surgeon’s skills, the technology provides the possibility of greater precision because of better imaging and 3-D. This all allows for a better outcome for the patient.

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