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Man in bicycle

Can an athlete at high risk for deadly heart attacks improve his odds?

Michael has.

When Michael Gale suffered sudden cardiac death and its frightening after-effects, he turned to UHealth’s Cardiovascular Services. The team’s Robert Myerburg, M.D., is a nationally recognized expert on prediction and prevention of sudden cardiac death in the general population and professional and recreational athletes.

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Smiling woman after bariatric surgery

Can losing weight help you regain your life—and your health?

For Joann, the answer is “Yes!”

UHealth Bariatric Specialists is the only university-based bariatric center in the region. Backed by the power of academic medicine, our specialists, including Nestor De La Cruz-Muñoz, M.D., and dedicated care teams provide the latest options for morbidly obese patients as well as coordinated care at every step.

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Barry Brown

Can Adult Stem Cells heal a damaged heart?

Barry’s did

Barry Brown (above), whose heart muscle was damaged by a heart attack he had suffered years earlier at age 38, received an infusion of his own stem cells during bypass surgery in a clinical trial led by UHealth’s Joshua Hare, M.D. “I could actually feel my heart healing,” Barry says.

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