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As part of UHealth — University of Miami Health System, University of Miami Hospital and Clinics puts you in the skilled hands of a highly trained and dedicated group of healthcare professionals that includes 1,200 of the nation’s top physicians across more than 100 specialties.

Florida’s only university-owned and operated teaching hospital, University of Miami Hospital and Clinics is powered by the research of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and gives you access to the latest advances in patient care and clinical trials that are not available anywhere else in the region.

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From left, Michael Gittelman, Kymberlee J. Manni, Ph.D., Edward Abraham, M.D., UM President Julio Frenk, Jacqueline A. Travisano, Ed.D., and Jeffrey Duerk, Ph.D.

University of Miami Medical Campus Resumes Operations after Hurricane Irma

Even before Hurricane Irma’s winds had finally subsided, the Miller School of Medicine campus was in recovery mode, making sure that it, and the University of Miami Health System satellite facilities, would be able to return to business as usual with minimal delay. In fact, with few exceptions, operations were back to normal on Wednesday morning, as employees returned to work, and patients began arriving for appointments.

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Our highly-trained staff of physicians, nurses, employees, and volunteers proudly provide the highest level of care to patients from around the world. This dedication to excellence is reflected by the many unique patient services available and in the numerous outreach and education programs the hospital provides throughout Miami-Dade County. We consider ourselves more than a hospital, we consider ourselves vital members of our community.

Our patients are our top priority. If there is anything we can do for you, please feel free to call our Consumer Relations Department any time by dialing extension 25943.